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And Your New Smile In Few Months! For Only 6900 DHS | Easy Installment Plans!

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Get Your Clear Aligners Today!

And Your New Smile In Few Months! For Only 6900 DHS | Easy Installment Plans!

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It takes less than a minute for your free online assessment test! Click the button and Let’s rock that smile! Once your approved with us you will be receiving a reference number to book a scan for us.

The scan will provide us with your 3D teeth image which we will use to create your treatment plan.

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It takes just a few seconds for your free online assessment test. Click the button and Let’s rock that smile!

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After receiving your Treatment Plan and approve it, we will go ahead and fabricate your aligners. You will receive your aligners in 5 days, then download our Support App so we can monitor your treatment from the comfort of your home!

3. Start your path
to a New Smile :)

What our Patients Say

Aline, Brazil

Great Team and Great Support! And the results exceeded my expectation in No time. Highly recommended :)

Ritza, Turkey

What a seamless experience this has been! In addition to the exceptional results I began to see even before my treatment was over, the professionalism of the entire team has exceeded my every expectation. Cannot recommend them enough.

Julia / Germany

I was aware about companies which do invisible braces, but they were way too expensive for me . My daughter found me Proalign and I went in for a consultation and was instantly sold. The product is fascinating, the dentist and support from the team was amazing . They gave me a comfortable payment plan according to my budget and in a few month I will have completed my treatment. I highly recommend clear aligners from Proalign.

Roman / Poland

As a sales person, it is part of my job to always smile. Before Proalign this was a struggle for me so something had to be done. After asking around and researching different facilities I decided to go with Proalign and it was the best decision. Dedicated staff, reasonable prices and amazing results! I am very happy!j

Eli / Poland

ProAlign changed my life, will always be grateful! Thank you!

Maud / France

I always had a complex showing my teeth and i thought that there is No hope for me, as I’m already in my 30th and couldn’t imagine wearing traditional braces . I can definitely say that finding and contacting Proalign was one of the best decisions i made! I love my new smile!

Robert / Canada

Everything with Proalign was simple. I was able to view the End results prior to starting treatment. I loved their support application it felt like I had a dentist in the room with me. I’m now on my 7th step , with 5 more to go and for the first time in my life, I will have straight teeth! I am just half way there and already I can see the progress. Thank you Proalign!

Layla/ Lebanon

I have had a very good experience with Proalign. The treatment was fast and the whole process was comfortable and pleasant! I highly recommend them.

Dr Noor / Dubai

When I was a child I wore braces for years but hardly anything changed, my teeth stayed crooked and I gained an open bite! So I surrender on my teeth for years till the moment my friend suggested this company to me “right before the Lockdown” after getting a recommendation from her friend who did her teeth with them. I was impressed by the photos of that girl and the big changes in her Smile, but still not ready to repeat my childhood Failure again! At the begining what really encouraged me was their affordable price and their easy installment. I thought I can never go wrong with that! I looked them up and found few other companies who offer similar process with not so-great reviews. Finally I decided to call Proalign around 6 months ago for a free Consultation, then started wearing the aligners around one week after. My treatment still has 3 months more as its considered “Complicated” but I am already thrilled with the changes on my teeth and on my bite! I am now smiling to everyone and everything moving around! Thank you Proalign team! you are truly the Best :)

Gareth / UK

Started the process 2 months ago . So far so good, I am quit happy with the progress its actually faster than i expected. I still have 4 month to go.. The Aligners are completely invisible even for myself ;) Brilliant Proalign!

Gabriella / The Netherlands

I am so happy I found this company. My friend did a treatment with them and I was so amazed with her result that I decided to give them a chance. I am on my last stage of treatment, and they offered me a 10% discount just to share my before and after photos. The Proalign team is so professional and supportive! The treatment is such a great value for the money.

Sinbad the Aviator

The best thing that happened to me in 2020 is fixing my teeth. Hard to be believe that a piece of plastic you wear for 6 months can change your life and reshape your teeth forever. This experience brought me back the confidence I lacked when I smiled. Thank you Proalign for the most wonderful life changing product.

Sudhanva / India

My experience with Proalign, product and the team was very good! The representatives were super helpful and the process went very smoothly. I could tailor all my requirements as needed. Received all my aligners in less than a week after my treatment plan was finalized. The treatment commenced in not more than 2 visits (and not more than 2 weeks) to the clinic. Besides the treatment cost also suited by budget. Also I had been researching the treatment and service providers for quite sometime and I can say by choosing Proalign Smile Shop I made the right choice.

Chelsea / Australia

My experience was excellent all the way, the assessment and scanning process, the treatment plan and level of care. The results were perfection. Very happy customer


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ProAlign - Providing The Right Treatment For Premium Teeth Straightening in Dubai

Your smile is your greatest asset and we at ProAlign strive to help you preserve your smile and move about your day confidently and proudly. Using the latest technologies and cutting edge tools, our expert Orthodontists and other team members have come up with an impeccable solution that has proved to be a major breakthrough in the field of Orthodontic treatment during the last few years.

With our premium quality clear aligners in Dubai, we are here to cater to all your dental needs and make sure that you receive a revolutionary and high quality treatment fo-cused on straightening and brightening up your smile!

Smile Throughout The Day With The Help Of The Best Transparent Braces And Aligners for Teeth

Manufactured and designed using the latest 3D technology and hi-tech tools, our ProAlign clear aligners in Dubai are unique and so much better than their traditional counterparts. Not only are they more effective for teeth straightening Dubai than old school braces, they are also removable and transparent, which means that you can keep your head up and smile throughout your treatment.

Our world-class team of orthodontic specialists has expertly designed clear aligners with meticulous precision and top-class accuracy to make sure that they meet all your dental requirements at the most competitive prices across the UAE.

We Make It Simple And So Much More Convenient For You Through Our Seamless And Comprehensive Procedures

We strive to provide the most effective and convenient solutions for our esteemed cus-tomers in the UAE. The days of facing hectic dental appointments at your usual dental clinics are gone. Book an appointment today at our best-in-class facility for a one-time visit for your oral inspection. Equipped with the latest technologies and hi-tech com-puterized software, our experts are here to create the most accurate, removable invisi-ble braces in Dubai and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

We will put together your treatment plan in a video, so you can watch it, approve, and then begin the treatment. Rest-assured that you are in safe hands, considering that our Orthodontists are globally recognized, possess over 20 years of experience, and have created more than 75000 successful cases. In addition, we offer three amazing pay-ment plans so you can easily choose the one that best matches your budget. If you are interested in straightening your teeth using clear braces in Dubai, then there’s one name in the market that you can trust to deliver the results you want – ProAlign!

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